Office Equipment

Introducing our Office Furniture range

There isnt a business in the country that hasnt got a desk rr several. Well with every desk there is a chair, then there is the filing cabinets and office clocks !

Well, if its easier to buy all that equipment in one place then we can help you there.......

Desk Screens

Desk top mounted screens give you a bit of privacy when laying out desks, and also a place to pin pictures of your cat or the internal phone directory.

White boards / Pivoting White Boards / Pin Boards

A range of presentation equipment for all requirements, in a range of varying sizes can be found in our office equipment section.

Literature Racks

Organise the company literature or simply fill those forms away vertical, rotary or wall mounted racks are available.

Litter Bins

Wether a recycling station in an office, or a bit for the external smoking shelter we can provide you with an answer, in a range of colours and designs, our range will help you 'clean up'.

Office Clocks

The most looked at piece of equipment in a work place, we have all clock watched in our working life, this range will help you make time fly, even if your not 'having fun' .

Desks / Seating / Office Storage

We can help you fit out your new office, or give your existing one a make over, wide range of sizes and styles, available in a range of colours and finishes.


Need some help with an office fit out ?

Whether its a few desks, some replacement filing cabinets or a complete office refit, we woudl be happy to help you, and advice and guidance from us costs you nothing but your time. We will happily send a member of our projects team to your site to have a measure up and come us with some ideas on how to get the most from the available space. Call our team today on0845 370 3750to arrange a visit.