Access Equipment

If you need access to height for any type of maintenance or retrieval then you will need some form of access equipment, such as a ladder, safety steps or even working platforms. 

Whenever you are carrying out work at height, then the appropriate person within your organisation should in conjunction with the person responsible for actually using the equipment should assess the risk of what is to be done, and specify the safest and most suitable means of accessing the hieghts you need to reach. 

To help you in specifying the right piece of equipment the HSE have a very useful site which you can find here. It will enable you to put in the various details of the job in hand, and give you suitable suggestions for the correct mobile scaffold, podium steps, ladder, trestle or hop up to do the job. Once you know the type of equipment you need, then you just need to work out the product within our range that you need. 

If its powered access equipment that you need then you would need to speak to a company that supplies powered access equipment such as scissor lifts, genie lifts etc. These guys will ensure that you get the right powered access equipment for the job. 

If you have a specific access requirement that you can not locate within our standard range of products, then by all means give us a call on 0845 370 3750 or email us with your details