Forklift Cages

In many workplaces its necessary from time to time to carry out works at height. Working at height is always with its risk, and its the empolyer and the empolyee's responsibility to manage the level of risk to ensure that the required work is completed within the guidelines laid down by the various agencys and your own internal risk assessment produced by management team or the responsible person. Using forklift cages and safety platforms has been common place in the working environment for years, but with the increased introduction of powered access platforms and scissor lifts or genie lifts, the use of forklift cages has declined for a number of reasons, not least the extra manpower required for using a forklift cage over a suitably trained single operator of say a scissor lift. Forklift cages still have a place in the workplace, but are considered by many as a last resort for emergency access issues.

According to the Health and Safety Executive......

"Forklift trucks are primarily intended for lifting materials and not people. However, they can be used with working platforms to allow people to work at height in exceptional circumstances only." 

Our range of quality forklift cages and working platforms will ensure you as a user can do so safely. 

With our range of platforms and cages, we are also able to supply you with suitable PPE, such as safety harnesses, and fall arresters.

The HSE have produced a free booklet 'Working platforms (non integrated) on forklift trucks' which you can view here 

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Access platforms for use with most types of fork trucks. These access platforms comply to PM28 and h..
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